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power system protection, power distribution networks, 3 phase power systems, AC circuits

Power Distribution Training


2 Hr Classes $65 each Sample Course Descriptions

8001 - AC Voltage Generation
8002 - Power Factor
8003 - Impedance and Voltage Drop
8004 - Three Phase Power Systems
8005 - Distribution Networks System Layout 2

8024 - Personnel Safety
2101 Elements of System Protection
2102 Types of Protective Relays
2103 Monitoring System Conditions
2104 Fault Characteristics
2105 Generator Protection
2106 Transformer Protection
2107 Bus Protection
2108 Motor Protection
2109 Line Protection
2110 Pilot Protection 
2111 Protection for System Stability
2112 Testing and Commissioning of Protective Equipment
2113 Power Line Carriers
2114 Fault Investigation and Analysis
2115 Introduction to Static Relaying
2116 Coordination of Protection Devices
2117 Power Supply for Protection and Control
2118 Energy Center Operations
2119 Telecommunications I: High Voltage Special Protection (HVSP) Devices
2120 Telecommunications Protection II: Installation and Configuration
2121 Supervisory Control System (SCADA)
2122 Inadvertent Trips: Cause and Prevention
2123 Fault Calculations and Relay Settings
2124 Testing Techniques
2125 Programmable Logic Controllers

7101 Basic Electricity
7102 Properties of AC Circuits
7103 Power and Power Factor
7104 Three Phase Systems

NERC Packages
Welcome to Online SchoolRoom!

With a power systems library of over 300 courses to choose from, this curriculum is aimed at all personnel who are involved in plant maintenance including operators, maintenance technicians, craftsmen and management.  The material is presented on the technical level and a knowledge of basic electrical theory is assumed.

We can train single individuals or entire companies with our vast array of courses for a power plant operator. We offer power plant maintenance, operations and control room training. Offering over 300 courses, we welcome corporate accounts and have large discounts and corporate billing available. 

In addition to power distribution, we also offer power generation courses, power transmission courses and NERC CE.

Ask us for details

We've helped most of the world's best-known power and energy organizations maximize their efficiencies and enhance their training performance including PacifiCorp, Southern Company, Sierra Pacific, Tennessee Valley Authority, FirstEnergy Corporation, Florida Power & Light, Orion Power, Duke Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Energy Corporation and Puget Sound Energy

Since 1971, Online SchoolRoom/360training has provided technical skills training to the electric power industry around the globe. Over 1300 programs in 39 competency areas of transmission, distribution and generation are offered in multiple languages and mediums to improve your plant operations, profitability and productivity. Our courses have received recognition from the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). 
In 2004 360training acquired Canadian training provider L&K International, a leading provider of transmission, power, distribution training to the power, energy and utilities energy worldwide to form the worldwide Technical Skills and Safety division. Technical Skills and Safety Division closes largest single contract in company's history, providing a multi-year training contract to key US defense contractor . 

Brought to you by Online SchoolRoom
For demos/corporate accounts
8000 Distribution System Training Series Pkg
78Hrs     $2535.00

Applying NERC Standards Series Pkg
41.5Hrs    $1260.00

9900 System Operations Review Series Pkg
12Hrs  $390.00

7100 Electrical Fundamental Series Pkg
8Hrs     $260.00

1100 Grid Dynamics Series Pkg
16Hrs     $430.00

2100 System Protection Technology Series Pkg
50Hrs   $1625.00

9900 System Operations Review Series Pkg
12Hrs   $390.00

7500 Transmission System Operator Series Plg
56Hrs    $1335.00

Combined Cycle Technologies Series Pkg
63.5Hrs   $1570.00

Controlling to NERC Standards:
Interconnection Operation 4.0  $85.00
Generation Control and Performance 4.0  $85.00
Aspects of System Operations 4.0  $85.00
Power System Transactions & Coordination 4.0  $85.00 

Sample Course Descriptions

8005 System Layout
This course discusses the importance of impedance of a system and the effects of voltage drop. The course begins with a quick review of trigonometric functions and their use in power-system calculations.

2101 Elements of System Protection
This course provides an overview of the function of protection schemes, including general protection philosophy and its impact on the operation of the system. The participant should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to day-to-day work activities.

2119 Telecommunications Protection I: High Voltage Special Protection (HVSP) Devices
The objective of this course is to draw attention to the high voltage hazards that can occur on telecommunication circuits entering substations and power stations, and to review the protection devices that are used to combat this problem. Participants should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to their day-to-day activities.

7104 Three Phase Systems
Once the generator is synchronized and on line, it locks itself in and remains in synchronism unless an abnormal condition occurs. Our discussion of electric power so far has involved voltages and currents being generated in single-phase operation, but electric power is normally generated, transmitted, and distributed in the form of three-phase power, as discussed here.

2103 Monitoring System Conditions
The objective of this course is to present concepts which are vital tools in the interpretation of system operating conditions. The participant should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to day-to-day work activities.

2105 Generator Protection
This course introduces students to the subject of protective relays as they apply to generation sources in the electric power system. The course includes discussions of various generation schemes, generator grounding issues, backup protection schemes for generators, and the impacts of harmonics on generator protection. In addition, the course details how both electromechanical and digital relays are employed in providing various types of problem/fault detection and protection.

2110 Pilot Protection
The purpose of this course is to familiarize participants with the principles of pilot protection, the various schemes used and the different types of communication channels employed. The participant should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to their day-to-day work activities.

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